Dear Clients and Partners

We wish You a happy and prosperous 2020!

We want to take a moment to reflect on a year's journey.


Sometimes it’s hard to see it in the franticness of the hustle, but last year we've made tremendous progress as a self-funded remote enterprise.

?? ??? ??

Looking back to 2019, we …

  • helped clients in ?? different industries
  • across 2?? continents
  • based in 5?? countries, English & German
  • reached over 1??4?? thousand businesses with our content

?? February
"Don’t worry about where to start. Just start!"

Last February was when Studio for Digital Growth actually turned from a part-time project into a full-time business endeavour. That is a milestone in itself.

?? Spring
"You can get bitter or you can get busy"

The fact that we actually successfully launched a business in Krakow with all of our clients being outside Poland, is nothing short of a miracle of hard work. And we wouldn’t have put in the hours, without the motivation of our past and existing clients which we want to thank from the heart.

?? Summer
"Start now and you will see results one day earlier than if you start tomorrow"

We know that for many the impact was immediate. This was a big driver of our business growth. In that spirit, we believe that the end of the year can be for many of us the beginning of something new...

We receive our first award
? Top B2B Companies, Marketing & Advertising ?

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New Year Promotion

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We want to give a special Thank You and reward our partners and clients.

? We offer up to 17% discount on our marketing packages until January, 31st. Check out the details in the Discount Letter below ?

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Complementary services

After developing a better understanding of our clients' needs, we decided to partner up with experts for web development and sales in Europe. We can now offer a range of complimentary services, such as web development and sales with every marketing package. Please contact our assistant to receive further information.

? Web Development from Scratch

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? Sales for Online Business

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Strategic partnership

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We couldn’t be more proud for partnering up with Social Ink, a fantastic social media & content marketing agency.


Together with them, we can help you create stunning content that will bring in more visitors from Google.

? Read more

Causes we care about

We picked up on one of our core values by giving something in return for the support we received in 2019. We decided to support organizations, that reflect on our core values, such as:

  • sustainable growth
  • individualization & diversity
  • responsible consumption
  • user protection online

We'd like to encourage you to take a closer look on the 2 organisations we support monetarily, that help make an impact in our society.

? See our causes online

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Panoptykon's mission is to protect our fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of fast-changing technologies and growing online surveillance. Their activities include monitoring, research, advocacy and education.

? Read more

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Siemacha is one of Poland’s largest community organizations. By bringing together multi-mode education, sport, and therapy in a single coherent system of care, they provide young people with opportunities for personal growth and development of community skills.

? Read more

We wish a superb 2020 bringing spirit and happiness to You, Your families and friends.

Best regards,
Joanna & Konstantinos

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