What is a virtual marketing assistant?

A virtual marketing assistant is a mix between a marketing professional and a virtual assistant. They are generally self-employed professionals that provide marketing support such as social media scheduling, graphics, content editing and research, to clients remotely.

They are natural fit with online entrepreneurs and remote teams, and in my opinion can help one look more professional in today's frantic online environment.

What are some of the common tasks a virtual marketing assistant can support you with?

The average business has various marketing needs that revolve around consistency. From building a personal brand on LinkedIn, to growing your instagram audience and your business blog, consistency is king.

At the same time it is one of the most challenging things for every online entrepreneur I've met. As any form of social interaction, online interaction with your business network is very time consuming.

A good virtual marketing assistant can lift that burden and help with tasks such as:

  • Commenting on LinkedIn posts
  • Keeping your Facebook community active
  • Sending and accepting LinkedIn invites, and following up with the new contacts
  • Planning, researching, delegating and sharing new content
  • Preparing graphics for social media
  • Researching content for your lead magnets
  • Scheduling your social media posts
  • Assisting you during a livesteam or a webinar

Our own experience working with a virtual marketing assistant

1.More time to do the things that mater most, and only you can do

We have been working with a virtual marketing assistant as part of our team in the last 4 months (as of the time of writing), and it has been incredibly rewarding.

The first and immediate change you will notice, is that you will finally have the time to do the important things that only you as the business owner can do best. From strategic networking to more Zoom calls with potential clients, and to creating content that requires your expertise; you will finally be able to focus more on the high impact work that only you can do.

2.Similar mentality and significantly more experience

What you might also discover, is that a remote self-employed professional is often someone thinking in the same wavelength as you are. Because a remote virtual assistant runs his or her own business, they are able to understand the needs of your business better than an in-house employee.

What I also found beneficial, is that because a virtual marketing assistant works with multiple clients at a time, as a result they accumulate significant experience that they can then bring in to your business. ?

Where to find a good virtual marketing assistant for your remote business?

Some of the best places to start your search are:

  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is a great place to find and connect with other professionals, evaluate their experience and see their content. You can also try the content search for posts related to remote work and the hashtag #virtualassistant.

  • Remote work Facebook groups
  • There are many Facebook groups related to remote work, many with tens of thousands members. These are ideal places to make an enquiry and search for other members who are offerring their services. Some good places to get started are Digital Nomad Jobs - Remote Work From Anywhere and Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads.

  • Google Search
  • Instead of looking into multiple closed communities such as Facebook groups and LinkedIn, you might want to try to search the open web first. Many professional virtual marketing assistants have their own websites that include all the information you need to evaluate their experience and contact them. And to make most out of your Google research, here are some of the more advanced Google search operators to narrow down your search results.

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