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Joanna Formella

Joanna Formella

Co-founder, CEO & Digital Strategist

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After having worked for many years in corporate and start up jobs, I decided to step out of the comfort zone. This was mainly driven by a genuine curiosity for areas such as branding and user experience. I used to work closely with decision makers and peers with transformative super powers, who inspired me to further invest in my career progress. I attended speaking clubs, studied branding books and pursued my PhD degree in storytelling alongside my 9-to-5 job.

My strength lies in analysis. Some people say, I optimize things like a Kaizen pro. I equally enjoy the creative side at the beginning of a project, when I can dive into colourful road maps and design campaign strategies. I cover everything that is needed to create new marketing strategies, be it project operations or consulting requests. With the variety of client requests comes the satisfaction to create new sustainable opportunities for my clients.

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Konstantinos Ntoukakis

Konstantinos Ntoukakis

Co-founder, SEO Director & Consultant

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I help my clients solve tough SEO problems and make the right decisions about their websites and content. My expertise covers minimizing the impact of website migrations, SEO for multi-domain website architectures (ex. China, Russia), finding dynamic rendering problems and more. From crafting a search strategy to reverse-engineering the rankings of your competitors, planning better content, and optimizing your web-pages, I offer a process-oriented and transparent approach for creating authoritative websites.

In 2019 I co-founded Studio for Digital Growth, in which I continue to serve as the SEO director. From 2016 to 2019 I worked for startups in growth marketing and leadership roles, and since 2015 I advise on projects as an independent digital marketing consultant. Before that, I co-founded Perfecta.io, a business analytics SaaS.

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